Post-Funeral thoughts. Potentially Offensive, sorry

Ok, so the funeral went decently.  The preacher dude, he seriously pissed me off.  Anytime you backhandedly insult the deceased twice in one LONG, Pointless, platitude-fest of a “sermon”, you are seriously going to piss me off.   The decedent was a better man than about 98% of the professing Christians I’ve ever met.  How fucking DARE you try to make him not being “an active Christian” something to remember at the end of his life.  You motherfucker, if you had EVER actually MET him, you would know he was one of the most Christ-like (forgiving, caring, compassionate, loyal, gentle, funny, decent, generous) people I’ve ever fucking met.  So Fuck you, you motherfucking fuck.  You sanctimonious egocentric prick, so in love with your own damn voice that you can’t take 2 minutes to consider the actual WORDS you are using.   I hope you one day have to listen to your spouse of 50+ years be insulted to your face, as you did to his widow.  I hope you hurt as much as the wonderful woman whose husband you just insulted in front of her.  You fuckfaced son of a rancid coochie whore.  Maybe when you’re done insulting people you can actually you know study your supposed religious leader ya know?  Judge not, lest ye be judged you sorry bastard.  

As you can yell, I do not suffer assholes gladly.  FWG.  

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