Incommunicado, the song.

I listen to a LOT of music. Maybe it’s because I play several instruments, though not as well or as often as I’d like. Lately I”ve been listening to Jimmy Buffett’s “Incommunicado” quite a bit. Not sure what it means to me, but it’s soothing. It’s not one of his better known tracks, to be sure. I accidentally stumbled upon it years ago when a friend of mine thought he’d do me a favor by downloading some music and making me a mix.
It eases my pain. Not because of anything it says. If anything, on face value the lyrics are somewhat depressing, but it’s soothing to me. The belief that all we are is “trying to make it home”.


Travis McGee’s still in Cedar Key
That’s what John McDonald said
My rendezvous so long overdue
With all of the things I’ve sung and read
They still apply to me, they all make sense in time

But now I’m incommunicado
Driving by myself down the road with a hole in it
Songs with no bravado
Takin’ the long way home

Now on the day that John Wayne died
I found myself on the continental divide
Tell me where do we go from here?
Think I’ll ride into Leadville and have a few beers
Think of “Red River”, “Liberty Valence” can’t believe
the old man’s gone

But now he’s incommunicado
Leaving such a hole in a world that believed
That a life with such bravado
Was taking the right way home

So when I finished the last line
I put the book by itself on the shelf
With my heart in it
Never wasting time takin’ the right way home
I know you’re never wastin’ time
Findin’ the right way home

Still I am incommunicado
Livin’ next door to a leg with a pin in it
Never wastin’ time, takin’ the right way home


Anyway, that’s what’s gettin me through the day now.
Just tryin’ to make it home.

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