Last night I got to go with some friends to a concert. I’ve been doing more of that lately, and I’ve noticed a change. I’m enjoying more rock than country. I’ve always preferred country/folk music, while my late husband was the rock fan (often getting picked on by me for it). I’ve noticed since his death, it’s like I’ve absorbed his musical tastes into my own, to the point of paying to see bands that 4 years ago, I’d have laughed at him for wanting to go see. I didn’t cry once last night at the concert, although on the way home, a few tears may have slipped through. Rumorhas it ZZ Top is coming to our area soonish, and I’m planning to go if the rumor proves true. This is definitely more his music than mine, so if anyone can tell me why the thought of it makes me grin like an idiot, let me know.
Rock on!

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