So today it looks like rain has blown in. Oddly, so far it’s been a decent day. I’ve been burning VHS movies belonging to my BF to DVD, and some camcorder videos from Disney World to DVD for a friend of mine. Call me productive. I almost wish my husband and I had been more into videos. I only have two of them, and it’s still too hard for me to watch them, although I begin to hope someday, I’ll be able to watch them, and even smile. (Not soon, but…someday).
Anyway, I’m baking Zucchini bread (yay, I’m weird, I LOVE zucchini) and just generally having the very rare phenomenon known as “a day that doesn’t suck”. So far, anyway 🙂

Then, I have moments where the feelings are so overwhelming, both of joy and of just being alive, and mixed into that a little bit of pain, and sorrow. Grief makes life full, in ways I’d never thought of it being, the sharp, slightly bitter taste in my mouth of tears, and the glow of tears in my eyes, as I find a reason to smile. Today, it’s zucchini. And I smile for all the gardens that still grow in my life, watered by tears.

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