Zucchini Bread, ultralight aircraft, adrenaline

My mission today was simple, wake up and bake zucchini bread for tomorrow night’s annual hog roast, hosted by friends of my BF. No big deal, I love to bake, and Z-bread is one of the few highly portable baked goods that fits well in motorcycle saddlebags.
I woke instead to the sound of a Mini Max attempting take off. Living on an airport, this is not a rare sound, so I dressed quickly (the one current mini max pilot has wiped out several, and is nearly 90 years old, so yeah, rushing to dress felt prudent). Then
I waited to hear the plane leave the area, while scanning the sky. Still no plane. I went outside and looked down the runway, and there it sat, off the runway in a bean field, pilot straining for all he’s worth to budge it up the small incline and back onto the runway. 20 minutes later, we got it back on the runway and taxied back to his hangar. All’s well that ends well, as ol’ Billy Boy said.
So yeah, my happy lil PTSD is hyper today, but all in all, I’m happy with my responses. I was able to unfreeze and respond appropriately to an (thankfully minor) incident, without mybrain going all Jello-y and panicking.
Now to bake that bread…

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