Even in Wally World…

I get the occasional “atta girl” from the universe. I was in Wally last night
(yes, I’ll admit to it) spending a damn fortune on cleaning supplies, when I found it. A little stamped single word necklace that reads “Fierce”. Someone must have known I need to remember I AM worth fighting for. I, of course, bought the necklace, as well as one for a gift. Taking this as a sign, I’m going to try to live up to it.
I need to explore this part of my nature more. Too long I have sat, quietly, allowing my needs to be overlooked. Other than the need to have my husband backagain, which can never be met, It’s tie I stop sulking and make steps to meet my other needs, starting with theneed to feel safe, valued, and to have hope (or barring hope, at least future goals.) Surviving,

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