Sweet dreams…

Last night I dreamed of you. In a place without time, or even logic. We walked and danced, and loved, and it was real. We were ourselves again,without cancer or death to come between. We talked, awake ow, it feels trivial to have wasted minutes with you trying to decide if we’d need much cash on our trip, or if plastic would be ok. I wonder who the little boy our dreamselves had was, and if he would have been a part of our life, if only we’d had more of it.
Just to hold you again. 3 years now since you died, and holding you felt so…complete. In a way nothing this side of eternity has since you crossed over.
You come so seldom to me in my dreams, and I need you there so much. Slim compensation for not having you here, with me. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe i am too tied to the corporeal, and unable to cross to where you are easily, even in sleep. I miss you. I love you.

2 thoughts on “Sweet dreams…”

  1. dear Kate,

    the dream of you and your Beloved touched me so much. as much as I long for Hugh to come to me in a dream, reading what you said about being too tied to the corporeal finally has given voice to the fragmented and vague notion I have felt but could not articulate. I have stopped begging him…now I let myself imagine I am going to him, flying into his arms as I fall asleep. it hasn’t brought him into the dream that I have wished for, but it has given me comfort…the sweetness of imagining what it might be like. once I read something about ones who cross over to the other side sometimes needing to find ways to find us, to connect with us…so many things to wonder about.

    much love,


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