Seriously?!?! WTF!

So I think I may be cursed. That’s the only semi-rational explanation I can find. One of the few close friends I’ve made here now has a tumor on her lung. They do the biopsy tomorrow. I just finished her granddaughter’s halloween costume. I’m emotionally…empty. I hope the numb phase lasts a while, because right now I’m punch drunk from life. Fuck.

One thought on “Seriously?!?! WTF!”

  1. dear Kate,

    I am so sorry for your friend and for you, finding out about the tumor on her lung. it must feel like such a betrayal, being hit with that news,when all the while you were building a good friendship and making her little granddaughter’s Halloween costume. I will hold you and your friend and her family up into the brightest light of hope that there will be effective treatment. and yeah, hoping for numb and empty – I completely understand.

    much love,


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