Cats and Disney.

So yeah, yesterday my beloved outdoor cat, Bonnie (aka. Bluebonnet) disappeared for 24 hours, leading me to new levels of FREAK OUT. The nice thing about my freak outs is that they are almost entirely internal, so from the outside I appear perfectly calm. She was stuck in the rafters of the hanger on the other side of the airport from us. If I hadn’t gone looking, I’m not sure what would/could have happened to her, but I do know, I don’t like where my mind went while she was away. Cats. GRRRRRRR…good thing I love her…
Also, I want to go to Disney World. Yes, seriously. I’m a grown woman w/o children, and lately it’s felt like all I want to do is go to Disney. If you stop and pay attention, the Mouse is everywhere, poking at your subconscious to long for “the happiest place on earth”. The old me would have had no end of fun laughing at a halfway intelligent grown woman falling for the marketing machine that is Disney…but the new me, wants to go see Cinderella’s Castle. I may have the chance in a few months, and yeah, it’ll be awesome!


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