Is it peace…or is it Prozac?

So a little shy of a month ago, I decided it might be of benefit for me to go on meds.  This is something of an understatement, as it had become really hellish inside my head.  I was crying nearly all the time, and very very pissy.  I was on the edge of biting someone’s head off almost all the time.  It was really really really, really BAD.

So, I took out a bottle of Prozac I had leftover from a couple years ago,and decided to take it while I was waiting for an appointment with a new shrink.  Within days I started to feel better.

I am now able to do more, with less pain (both physical and mental) than I have in YEARS.  I’ve actually started working out a little.  *Side note* I was REALLY REALLY out of shape.  My new goal is to lose 35 lbs, and get back to what I weighed before my husband died.  I think it is feasible. Right now I’m working on dropping another 10 lbs by this time next month.  I think (hope) I can reach this goal, but so far I’m feeling great about the 2 lbs I’ve lost so far…and the fact that I CAN do 20 squats now.  I know, it’s not that many,’s 19 more than I used to could.  Also, I can do pushups.  I can do the girly kind best, but I can manage 5 of the “normal” ones.  I’m doing the 30 day ab challenge.  Today is day 5.  I’m off now to do it before bed.  Progress is being made.

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