Of Meds and Money

So I got a magazine today that gave me a website (goodrx.com) that allowed me to compare the price of my meds at local pharmacies.  Since I felt like I had overpaid at the pharmacy when I got them filled last time ($32 total for generics with insurance)  I figured comparison shopping wouldn’t hurt me any.  Well, I was right, I overpaid.  Cash price at Kroger (as in no insurance at all) would be $22 TOTAL for both my Ativan and my Prozac, same dosage, same number of pills.  Even if I had to self file and wait for reimbursement (unlikely, but possible) I’d still be out of pocket LESS money while waiting for reimbursement.  Needless to say, my next refill is being transferred to Kroger.  I’m going to start checking any prescriptions I get on that website, because frankly, I’m not rich enough (by a LONGSHOT lol) to spend more money for the same exact thing I can get less than a block away for LESS.

*No one is giving me anything to tell the truth about goodrx, and how I saved money*

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