2.77 miles

So I didn’t push myself at as high a tempo today, but I did log a respectable 2.77 miles.  I took an entire hour of workout time, which is longer than usual but I really felt good.  I worked up a sweat for about half the time, and took my time doing a warm-up and cool down.  I went out to breakfast today, but managed to limit myself to a cup of oatmeal and some coffee with Splenda, which the extra treadmill time should have taken care of.  Only one of my friends noticed the weight loss, but hopefully this last 30 lbs will be more noticeable.  I hope I look better at 115 than at 165 anyway! LOL

Hopefully Tuesday I’ll break 3 miles.  I probably could have pushed myself to it today, but I really am trying not to  overtrain and hurt myself, so  I’m happy with 2.77 and not hurting.

I’m eager to get my weight machine set up and start some more serious weight training.  I’m doing some bodyweight based work now, but I think I’ll really start to see muscle gains when I am able to focus on individual muscle groups more and increase the weight as well as reps.

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