Self care, sewing, smiles

As I write this I am seated at my kitchen table, using decent posture (something I’m working on) waiting on my green tea to steep, so I can drink it,take my Vitamins (frigging horse pills), so I can go do cardio.  Self care.   It takes a LOT of energy.  Yes, I am seeing decent (though gradual) results, but…it’s a LOT of effort.   I think overall, I’m staying on track pretty well.  Yesterday, I missed a workout day, but I’ve met or been under my calorie goals for the last week.  Supposedly these goals will let me lose 8-10lbs a month and reach my goal weight in June.  We shall see.

I moved most of my stuff into my new sewing room yesterday.  I still need a few things for storage, but overall i’m happy with the layout,and THRILLED to finally get to finish some projects I’ve had waiting on me since last year.

Since my husband’s stuff was stored in the same area and type of totes as my sewing stuff, I had a small patch of weeping going through and organising it, but have made plans to move his stuff from the basement to our storage building.  I took out a couple of his shirts that I might wear, including the shirt we were married in.  It’s starting to get  easier to smile when I remember our good times.  I still miss him but, I’m starting to accept that life has to go on.  I am so thankful for my Prozac.

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