3.25…new record

Today I hit 3.25 miles in an hour, with the first two walked in a record 36 minutes, a 6 minute reduction in time.  HOO-AH!   I feel really stinkin proud of myself.  I made quinoa  and turkey stuffed acorn squash for supper, and am just generally feeling pretty damn decent today.  Glad I didn’t take another off day from my routine.  I’m getting a lot closer to my goal of being able to run/walk/jog a 5k next month. I might be the slowest person out there, but I am seriously looking forward to getting out there.  Yes, I said looking forward to, as in, having enthusiasm for something in the future.  I credit the prozac, but maybe a little bit also the exercise is helping me.  I have no misconception that I’m going to be a model or anything, but it does feel good to be accomplishing something beneficial for myself.   Anyway, have a good night


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