Belt…it grew?!?!?

So I went to get dressed for dinner tonight, and thought I’d put on my “good” (covered in rhinestones and bling) belt.  I hadn’t worn it since sometime in mid 2014, and hadn’t really thought much about it since.  I’m used to putting on a belt and letting it out a couple of notches.  This time, I put on my belt and…the smallest hole on it was 2-3 inches too loose.  I literally had to take my pocket knife, and put an extra hole to be able to wear it.   This is an awesome feeling.

I walked/jogged 3 miles this afternoon, and spent half an hour on my weight machine.  I’m really liking the changes in my endurance and strength.   It feels really good to be able to do more than I used to, and to fit into my old clothes comfortably.  I haven’t seen a LOT of recent movement on the scale, but having the belt be so oversized makes me feel GREAT!

I’m steadily improving.


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