Feelin’ decent

I woke up this morning with a little bit of DOMS in my shoulders, but otherwise not very sore at all.  Fixing to hit the tread and do an easy mile as an “off day”.  Since I’ll be away this weekend at an event that involves a TON of walking, I’m going to take it slow and mellow today and tomorrow, doing only a little easy walking today, and weight training tomorrow.  My Fitness bands are supposed to be here today, so I may take them w/me although I’m fairly confident the hotel we stay at has a fitness center.  Since using the fitness center was never a big focus of mine in the past, I can’t say what equipment it has, but I don’t think expecting a weight machine is out of line.  I do KNOW there is a pool and hot tub.  Priorities, after all.  Worst case, a few easy laps in the pool might be just what I need to cross train a little.  I’m psyched that my Fitbit Flex is supposed to be here tomorrow morning before I leave.  I’ve always thought this event had me walking a few miles everyday and will be interesting to see how the number of steps taken matches up to my perception of distance travelled.  It’ll also be interesting to see if my fitter body hurts less from all the walking than my horribly out of shape self did last year.   I’m pretty sure the answer will be yes, but it’ll be interesting to see.

Overall, today is a pretty decent day, despite the never ending damp and cold rain…April Showers…etc.


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