141.8 and a 52 minute 5k

So my weigh in this morning was 141.8 finally.  I’d been plateaued for a while now, so finally seeing the number come down felt great.  It felt really empowering to see my weight drop.  I’m still working toward my eventual BIG goal of 118 (lowend healthy BMI for my height, but only 6lbs away from my first real goal of 135. After that I’m going to aim for 130, then 125, then 118.  Baby steps, I am a work in progress.

Speaking of work, today’s treadmill cardio workout was a revelation on a couple levels. I cool down now at the tempo that was my full out effort when I started.  I’m still not Fast by a LONG shot.  It takes me 52 minutes to go 3.1 miles.  I’m working to get that time under 45 minutes before my actual 5k  on the 23 of next month.   I think it’s entirely feasible.  I’d love to get under 35 min, but I’m not sure I can do that without overtraining,  Anyway, progress is getting made, gradually.


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